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Terms & Conditions


Money-back Guarantee

We offer an 100% money-back guarantee for both our Shapedin8 Challenge and Online Coaching services should you not see any progress. It is important to note that to qualify for this you are required to complete the full duration of either program for a minimum of 8 consecutive weeks and completed the following mandatory parts of the coaching program program.

- Fully completed all check-ins on time via the App (Weekly check-in form)

- Tracked your daily morning weight consistently for the first 8 weeks via the App

- Met your daily steps goals and tracked them consistently for the first 8 weeks via the App

- Completed all training sessions and marked them as completed via the App

- Must have consistently met your calorie and macro targets for the first 8 weeks and have noted this in each of your check-in feedback forms.

If these terms and conditions have all been met and you have not seen any progress in your weight or physique, you may request a full refund by emailing and stating your reason. Following this your account will be reviewed and a decision will be made.

Sign Up Terms & Conditions

By signing up to any of our paid online services you agree to the terms and conditions provided below. You are under no contract and therefor are within your rights to cancel your next payment at any time through the payment provider or your bank. If you however require us to make the cancellation on your behalf you are required to give a minimum of 28 days notice via email to for us to do so. Any payments processed within that time will be non refundable.

By signing up you are also acknowledging and agreeing to make payment on a recurring basis from the date of signing up. The frequency of this recurring payment will be stated clearly on the initial sign up page. This recurring payment will continue to be charged until either you cancel it or request for it to be cancelled and is non-refundable.

It is your responsibility and by signing up to any of our online services you both agree and acknowledge that and accept all responsibility to cancel your recurring payment should you wish for it to end.

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