Shapedin8 January Challenge

Shapedin8 January Challenge

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This 8-week challenge allows you to not just get back on track but also gives you everything you need to take your knowledge, mindset and progress to a whole new level.

- Clear Direction, a goal in place that represents what you want to achieve, a clear map that shows you precisely what you need to do to get there, and help to begin in the right direction.

- The Perfect plan, one that is specifically built for you, taking into account everything from the foods you enjoy to your work schedule and family/social life.

- True Accountability, a knowledgable and well-trusted coach who is experienced in helping people stay on track and achieve similar results to what you are looking to accomplish.

- Unrivalled Support & Confidence, an extremely reliable approach, one that has proven results with 100's of people worldwide just like yourself.

- A Coach Who Genuinely Cares, giving you complete access to our online coaching client APP, Jake will work with you directly to ensure you achieve the results you are capable off.


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