Equipment that I use...

Below you will find all the equipment that I use within the gym to optimise my training performance and recovery.

This page is simply to help you easily find the items you may see me using in the gym on a regular basis.

Wrist Straps

Improves grip and a requirement to get the most from  your back exercises


Knee Sleeves

Double Ply Knee Sleeves from strength shop, high quality, will increase safety and aid joint health on heavy squatting movements

Premium Lever Belt

You get what you pay for! Personally had mine for several years and it still looks like new.


These belts are a must have and are simply the best on the market, no others I've used even come close.


Wrist Wraps

Strong wrist wraps that prevent you from getting any unnecessary wrist injuries when pressing.

Once again from strength shop as they tend to make the best lifting equipment on the market.


They may look silly, but they do exactly what they were designed to do.

Improve proprioception,  stability, joint health and as a result performance and recovery.


Theres a reason why so many top bodybuilders and now wearing the and its not because they look cool!


Liquid Chalk

A must have in every gym bag, does exactly what it says on the packaging.

Improves your grip!

Daisy Chain

Used for tricep extension variations on cables to improve ROM and reduce joint stress, also in combination with bands on some machines.


Gym Bands

Best place to get gym bands as they sell every strength / size you could think off!

Only worthwhile purchasing if you understand why they should be used, please don't use them just for the sake of it.

Phone Stand

Used to record check-in videos/pictures and form clips in the gym.

Small, cheap and effective.



By far the best gym headphones you can get, highly recommended if you like to block out external noise when training.