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Through this service you will work directly with Jake, he will personally program your training, overlook your nutrition and guide you step by step towards achieving your goals

What's included?

Included in Premium Coaching...

An initial consultation call where we will map out your goals, set you new targets and give you the opportunity to ask questions and get to know your new coach.

A carefully tailored diet plan, built around the foods you enjoy, providing you with both a personalised meal plan and your calories & macro targets, should you prefer a more flexible approach.

A bespoke training program, taking into account the muscle groups you need to focus on, the equipment you have access to and your individual biomechanics.

Unlimited Direct Support via WhatsApp
(You can ask any questions)

A Weekly Check-in with video response to ensure accountability, adherence and maximum progression is achieved

Optional 1x Monthly Coaching Call & the oppertunity to train with Jake in person at Ultraflex Rotherham

Most importantly, REAL RESULTS

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PREMIUM COACHING PACKAGE - Ensuring you achieve the success you deserve

Our online coaching service is designed to streamline your progression and results, whilst providing you with true accountability, structure and guidance to achieving your goals.

As long as you are motivated, driven and willing to put in the effort required to reach your goals, we will help ensure you get there through implementing our proven strategies which have helped well 100's of individuals from all corners of the globe achieve world class results, far beyond what they initially thought would be possible

Highly Recommended for...
- Life-Changing Fat Loss
- Muscle & Strength Building
- Body Transformations & Photoshoots
- Athlete Contest Prep & Offseasons

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