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Jake has helped well over 100+ individuals achieve life-changing physique transformations working as both an online coach and personal trainer out of Ultraflex Rotherham in the north of England. He works with individuals who are looking to take complete control over their bodies and achieve results whether that be with fat loss, muscle building, performance or contest prep.

Being a family man, competitive athlete and full-time coach, Jake understands how important balance and structure is to creating progress, success and happiness across all areas of life. He appreciates without the right plan in place, it can be difficult to stay accountable and remain on track with achieving your own goals. However, with over 10 years training experience and working with hundreds of individuals to help create solutions, he now has a full-proof blueprint that can help any individual who is willing to put in the work, stay on track, move forward and achieve their own unique goals.

If you would like to find out more information and make the first step towards moving forward with your goals, please contact Jake by clicking the button below and completing the contact form.


Alternatively, you can email: Info@shapebyjb.com