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I'll Work With You To Achieve Your Goals And Build Your Dream Physique...

...Whether Your Goal Is To Get Lean, Build Muscle Or Compete In Natural Bodybuilding, Men's Physique Or Bikini.

"Got Me In The Best Shape Of My Life, So Far I've Lost An Incredible 21kg!"

"The industry is full of false dreams and fads but when done correctly fitness can change your life, not only aesthetically but mentally as well. With Jake as my coach, I learned so much about how you can still enjoy your food as well as lose weight."

- Bradley Dodd, Competition Prep

- Izaak Thacker, Weight Loss Transformation

Everything you've been trying has failed, but you know you're capable of getting there.


By now, you're probably doubting whether or not your goals are even possible.

By now, you've probably tried a load of different methods. Yet, you're still failing to see results. Let alone achieving the level of progress you know you are capable of.

At this stage, you're wondering where to focus your effort...

Training & Performance?

Nutrition & Supplements?

Build Muscle or Lose Fat?

Steps, Cardio & Health?

And with all these self-proclaimed 'experts' out there filling your head with wrong information on FAD diets, stupid trends and improper training methods its no wonder you're feeling confused!

The thing is...



Teaching those we work with how to not just improve their physiques, but feel healthier, happier and proud of who they are.

We guarantee you'll make progress or your money-back guarantee!

I'll tell you what...

We want you to surpass your goals,

not just achieve them.

So, let's look at what a few of the people who we've already worked with have ACHIEVED!

Here's how we get you guaranteed results.

✔ Implementation of proven systems. 

You don't need to be bombarded with more information; you need to straight-up implementation. We show you how to implement our proven systems into your own individual lifestyle, allowing you to take complete control over your nutrition, training and recovery to guarantee efficient, visible, and long-lasting results. So, instead of spending months of your own valuable time trying to figure out what works best, we take all the stress off your hands and provide you with instant guidance that has so far successfully helped over 100+ individuals to get results.

✔ We care about your results. 

Lots of big influencers and coaches sell programs and other services that are cheap, generic and don't provide you with any real 1-2-1 support. They likely show just a handful of results, however, what you don't see is the thousands of people who have been failed and been let down by them through this low-quality service. Instead of uncertainty, we take you under our wing and personally show, teach and support you whilst ensuring you get the results we know you are capable of achieving. Why? Because we care about you, and the results you get.

✔ Hands-on coaching & direct daily support.

There are no other programs or forms of coaching available that provide you with as much direct support as ShapedbyJB Coaching. We work with you on a 1-2-1 basis and are available 24/7 to ensure the results you get reflect the work you put in. With unlimited instant access to your coach, 100's of educational videos and support from other members via our Facebook community group, you get a consistent level of accountability, support and motivation to keep on on track and progressing.

✔ 100% personalised training & nutrition

We don't aim for average results, so we certainly don't provide you with average programs. Everything included with our coaching service is 100% bespoke and personalised specifically around you, your individual goals, lifestyle requirements and dietary needs. Find it difficult to fit everything in with your busy work schedule? don't worry, we've got it covered. We take into account your work hours, home-life and everything else in between, to create a program which you can implement instantly and enjoy from day 1. 

We do what we do

Because it WORKS so well.

The methods we use are not just taken from books and labelled as 'science-based',  they have been tried, tested and proven by well over 100+ individuals to create creating outstanding results.

Learn, Experience And Understand.


We've packaged over 10 years of experience and 1000's of hours of education into an unbeatable coaching service which doesn't just help you achieve results but teaches you the processes, systems and secrets that have helped world-class athletes achieve outstanding results for years.


Progress Week After Week.

Making visibly clear progress every single week may seem like a complete dream at the moment. However, it's incredibly common for those working with us to see consistent progress week after week. We provide you with a fully personalised plan which is monitored and updated every week to ensure progress never stops but continuously moves forward.


Achieve Life-Changing Results.

Losing a small amount of body-fat or building a little muscle is great. However, we help those we work with achieve real life-changing results, that significantly impact their lives, change their perspective on what's actually possible and even provide them with scientifically backed knowledge and systems that could potentially even prolong their life.

STOP making excuses & START taking action.

You don't need to be genetically gifted, experienced or have a lot of free time,

you simply need to be willing to work hard and follow our guidance.